Is TMS Therapy Covered by Insurance?

The FDA approved TMS Therapy in 2008 for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. Although it is an FDA-approved treatment, some insurance companies still consider it a relatively new procedure and coverage varies between insurance providers. Insurance companies determine eligibility for TMS Therapy on an individual, case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee how insurance providers will decide your case.

We encourage all potential TMS Serenity Center patients to work with their insurance provider prior to treatment to understand their insurance coverage and benefit information. Contact your insurance company before your first visit to see if TMS Therapy is a covered benefit under your plan.

Even if your insurance company states TMS Therapy is a covered benefit under your medical plan, a preauthorization may still be required. Preauthorization means the insurance company will review your case and verify if the treatment is “medically necessary”. Preauthorization requirements will vary based on your insurance company and your specific plan’s policies.

The TMS Serenity Center team will gladly conduct a benefits investigation on your behalf and can provide information such as general plan benefits, deductible amounts, and general TMS Therapy coverage information.

Please contact our office to speak with a dedicated member of the TMS Serenity Center team for assistance in navigating your insurance and TMS Therapy.