Our Approach

Our philosophy at the TMS Serenity Center and Sweetwater Psychiatry is that to Get One Well. This encompasses treating the whole person, paying close attention to what is unique about the individual we are helping. Taking into consideration the mind, body, and spirit to determine what is causing the symptoms of their illness.

Each patient is evaluated as an individual where attention to detail is paid by actively listening so that concerns are not only voiced but also heard.

TMS Serenity Center - Best Psychiatrist in Fort Bend County 2016

Why TMS Serenity Center Can Help

Finding hope from within is empowering but sometimes that hope is lost. Our job is to guide you to that place of peace. Effectively treating the illness enables one to find joy in what matters most. Mental health opens the door to an overall sense of wellbeing so that you can start living life to a full capacity and embrace the quality of life you deserve. Give us a call and take the first step to getting your life back.