The TMS Serenity Center periodically asks its patients “How are we doing?” We are privileged and proud of their trust. Here are the results or our patient survey and their quotes about our TMS therapy care.  You can download “100 Reasons Why People Choose Us” by Clicking Here.

  • 96% would recommend Sweetwater Psychiatry and TMS Serenity Center to Family and Friends
  • Dr. Cress receive over a 96% trust level by their  patients.
  • 98% gave our Clinic an Overall rating of either Excellent or Very Good
  • 10 out of every 10 say we were Friendly and Courteous

“Not only do I have it back, I have it back better than ever thanks to Dr. Cress’s knowledge and experience.”  R

“Dr. Cress knows her stuff and has helped me tremendously.”

“Dr. Cress, Roxane and Beth were angels to me.”  MW

“I have the greatest trust in Dr. Cress’ care.”

“I could not have selected a better psychiatrist than Dr. Cress. Her kindness, level of care and concern make me feel cared for, heard and understood.” B

“They have a genuine interest in my well-being.”

“Loving, caring, attentive, intuitive, knowledgeable, and accessible.” David G.

“The staff at Dr. Cress’s office is the most loving staff in the whole world!!!!”  Thanks for all of your love and kindness.”  MP

“Dr. Cress understands my issues.”  EW

“TMS Serenity Center cares for the patients in the same manner they care for their respective families.”

“Dr. Cress is very attentive & listens well.”

“I am thankful to God… for Dr. Cress, Roxane and Beth and TMS!”

“The staff at the TMS Serenity Center made me feel very comfortable.” TC

“Sweetwater Psychiatry office is very professional and efficient.”

“They are honest and have your best interest at heart.” DCS

“Dr. Cress gives practical advice based on your needs…not psycho-babble.” MG

“She [Dr. Cress] always offered hope when I was in a state of hopelessness and darkness.”  B

“Dr. Cress is always on top of the latest breakthrough or any kind of supportive care that might be forward thinking.”

“I love Dr. Cress and the ways she manages my treatment.”

“I like ALL of them a lot!”

“Dr. Cress is compassionate and intelligent.”

“Each person that works with you knows you and cares so much about helping you get better and improve the quality of your life. I love everyone who works at Sweetwater Psychiatry.” Mary Ann P.

“Dr. Cress’ staff has walked beside me giving me strength and hope. “

“They have removed the stigma for me…through personal care and proper treatment” David G.

“Beautiful and comfortable environment, professional and compassionate staff.”

“I feel my time is valued.”  Gaylynn

“Compassionate and Caring.” Betty

“Dr. Cress will refer the patient for needed treatment outside the scope of the office.” Jim L.

“Concern for my physical health as well as my mental health is evident.”

“It is a comfortable place to gain help.” WIN

“Highly skilled and professional staff.”

“I trust Dr. Cress with info.”

“Dr. Cress is not just a pill pusher.” Robert W.

“I trust Dr. Cress to treat with medication management.”

“A nice and comfortable office.  Care given to patients, instead of just pushing pills.”  Ashley M.

“I’ve been a patient for years and my health just keeps improving. “ Sarah

“A live person always answers phone and Dr. Cress always returns calls.”  P

“Trustworthy, Reliable, Caring.”  M

“Dr. Cress and the staff are caring!”

“Very friendly and concerned about patient’s well-being.”

“Dr. Cress will listen to all questions and concerns and give genuine answers.” Robert W.

“She does not keep you waiting during appointment times.”

“The office is always in a good mood.” WIN

“The office is great at reminding you or your appointment or letting you know of a change.” WG

“My issues were dealt with one at a time and not all at once.”  JC

“Dr. Cress is so unique, warm, and friendly.”

“They give you hope and sincerely care about you and your quality of life. “          Mary Ann P.

“Dr. Cress cares about me.”

“Dr. Cress is sympathetic to my problems.”

“Someone is always available for emergency calls.”  Jim L.

“Thank you for the 30 minute appointments and staying on time!”

“Dr. Cress is extremely knowledgeable and up to date. “

“She will help manage your medications, so that you are comfortable with them.” DCS

“God used Dr. Cress and TMS to change my husband’s life.”  LR

“Good listeners.” Betty

“Dr. Cress is up to date on the latest treatments.”  Robert W.

“Dr. Cress is a great psychiatrist. Practical and helpful” LJ

“My ability to function and enjoy daily life improved dramatically compared to when treated by other psychiatrist.”  Sarah

“Dr. Cress gives you the time you need to discuss treatment options.”

“Very compassionate and sensitive to their patients.” Trish L.

“Dr. Cress is knowledgeable about the drugs she prescribes, their side effects and interactions with other meds.”

“It is so nice to find a psychiatrist that will sit down with you to an apt longer than 15 minutes.”

“Dr. Cress is a wonderful Psychiatrist.” WG

“They spend time with me.” Ashley M.

“Dr. Cress calls my counselor and always returns my calls.  It is worth a little extra money to have a doctor who knows what she’s doing.”  Sarah

“Dr. Cress gave me my life back.”

“Dr. Cress keeps close contact to make sure the drugs are working for me.”

“Very ethical clinician.” Trish L.

“Dr. Cress makes suggestions about mental health issues like sleep deprivation, eating habits, and sun exposure that are important to my well-being.”

“Good Rapport.”

“Dr. Cress has ability to work with meds to find what works.”   Stephanie C.

“Everyone at Sweetwater Psychiatry works together as a well-greased wheel. They make you feel very loved and special.”  Mary Ann P.

“My needs are taken care of and the treatment works.” Gaylynn

“The office staff is very friendly and professional. They always make me feel welcome.”

“Dr. Cress takes the time to review how I am doing and researches the right medication for me.” Richmond

“I am extremely happy with the care I receive.” Sarah

“Caring competent and professional staff.” SMB

“You are our daily picker uppers.” FW

“Trustworthy, Reliable, Caring.” M

“Dr. Cress is easy to speak and listen to.”

“Dr. Cress is caring and a skilled psychiatrist.” Jim L.

“In almost 30 years of seeing Psychiatrists, I feel Dr. Cress is by far the best I have ever worked with.” MDW

“Dr. Cress remembers my case and responds knowing my weaknesses like lack of good sleep habits, and diet.”

“I have been nothing but satisfied with my relationship with Sweetwater Psychiatry.”    Stephanie C.

“I would recommend them highly.”

“They follow-up with you after your treatments are completed.”            Mary Ann P.

“Supportive and positive treatment by clinician.”  Trish L.

“[TMS Therapy] Treatment works.”

“Questions asked make me look inside myself for answers.”

“I have the ability to communicate with the staff anytime [needed]” Marji

“I think the staff at TMS Serenity Center is part of the road to recovery.”

“I am extremely happy with the care I receive.”

“I think that your office is full of love and kindness that I felt completely while I was receiving my TMS treatments.”            Mary Ann P.

“Each person that works with you knows you and cares so much about helping you get better and improve the quality of your life. I love everyone who works at Sweetwater Psychiatry. They are the best!”

“They are up to date on [latest treatments] everything.” WIN

“Dr. Cress listens and cares about what is going on in your life.” DCS

“Ease of appointments.” SMB

“Dr. Cress is compassionate and listens.” Richmond

“Dr. Cress is an exceptional mental health care physician.”

“I feel Dr. Cress really cares about me and wants to see me achieve my best mental health and overall well-being.”  MDW