As we all look back at 2017, the one thing that stands out is how much we have to be thankful for. However, do we forget in time how very blessed we all are? I know I do and my gift to myself and hopefully others is to "live gratitude" and make a difference in as many lives as I can during the coming years... Read more
I first heard about NeuroStar® through a friend of mine. She had done it 3 years prior to telling me about it. At that point I was so desperate, just desperate, that I wanted to try anything. So I called Dr. Cress right away and went in for an evaluation and learned so much about it and how it works. For the first time, I felt like I had hope.
Kristi L.
After spending a day with my father-in-law, he said that I talked to him more that one day than I had in the last five years. Before TMS, the medication had gotten me out of the worst of the depression, but I was always vulnerable. Any stress or illness would drag me down to worse depression. Now if I have a bad day, I can keep it in perspective.
Anne F.
I have suffered with depression for more than 25 years. The TMS Serenity Center has produced results where medications were unable to do so and for that I am extremely grateful.
Dana P.
Dr. Cress truly took the time to understand my mental health diagnosis, how it impacts my daily life and work to align treatment options that best fit my needs. I am so thankful to be a patient under the care of Dr. Cress.
I am no longer a person just surviving my depression; I'm a happy person with the motivation to make a life for myself. That is what six weeks of TMS have given to me.
Gail O.
I would have paid 3 times the amount and would have come 3 months for TMS to get the results and quality of life I now have.
Lisa G.
Now that I am on TMS, I am off two of my medications completely. I'm learning now to live with hope. I'm not just going to survive- I'm living my life now.
Ginger H.
It has really been a new experience for me, not having to compensate for my anxiety and depression. I would recommend TMS, but equally important is the quality of care I experienced with Dr. Cress.
John M.
Today I am physically lighter, emotionally integrated, and am enjoying a mental clarity that I can only remember from my childhood. TMS has had a miraculous effect upon my dreams and goals.
Lisa G.
The staff at Sweetwater Psychiatry is the most loving staff in the whole world! A big thanks for all their kindness.
After 4 weeks I began to experience sustained non-depressive episodes much longer than I had experienced since I was 16. These depression-free periods were truly a gift from God.
Nigel S.
Within two weeks of starting TMS I saw a major improvement in my mood and my energy level and it just kept getting better. By the end of the treatments I had my life back better than ever thanks to Dr. Cress' knowledge and experience.
Ramona B.
I must tell you that today was the first day I had felt true joy and happiness in years and the energy to express it. I am becoming the lady today that God made me with goals ahead of a life of living.
Shellie R
If your antidepressants don't seem to working and you wake up each day feeling overwhelmed, please don't give up. I would encourage you to talk with Dr. Cress about this treatment. Life is too short not to.
Terri C

Photo of happy mother and daughter as related to TMS Serenity Center patient testimonials for the TMS therapy services performed by Dr. Kimberly CressPatients who have undergone TMS Therapy at the TMS Serenity Center have made remarkable progress. They have gone back to work, back to school, back to their relationships. Essentially, many have gone back to their lives before their mood disorder. But, let’s hear from the TMS Serenity Center patients about TMS Therapy and the difference it’s made in their lives.