How to Choose a TMS Provider: Facility

Now that we’ve covered time and experience, another factor you should consider when choosing a TMS provider is the facility and equipment. Here are a couple more questions and answers.


What is the environment like where you will be receiving your treatments?

You will spend a lot of time in the office and in the TMS chair. Is the environment and medical staff warm and welcoming? At TMS Serenity Center we strive to provide an environment that is warm and welcoming. Individuals coming for TMS will come to our office 5 days a week for approximately 6 weeks. Once their mood is stable they will then begin tapering TMS over the next 3 weeks. As a result, we want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed. Even though we are not providing psychotherapy during TMS, it is not uncommon that individuals develop a relationship with Dr. Cress and Roxane, opening up about their struggles in life. This typically helps individuals identify the need and value for psychotherapy.

Facility - TMS Serenity Center

Is the TMS machine a Neurostar system?

NeuroStar Advanced TherapyTMS Serenity Center is a Neurostar Provider. There are now 5 TMS devices that have been FDA cleared. The Neurostar system is the only system that will ensure that the magnet has contact with your head. Over the course of treatment individuals will inadvertently move, cough, sneeze. Neurostar enables us to see if we lose this contact so we can then reposition the magnet. In addition, if we lose any pulses of treatment with this movement, this system allows us to recapture these pulses at the end ensuring that the individual receives the complete treatment. The Neurostar system also allows for a more accurate and consistent placement of the magnet.

If you are in the process of choosing a TMS provider, we hope that these questions and answers will help you in your search. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for more information.