How NeuroStar TMS Works

Dr. Cress describes how the NeuroStar TMS is administered and how it can work for patients that are suffering from depression when other treatments have failed.

Dr. Kimberly Cress, NeuroStar® Physician – “The way I like to describe NeuroStar® to my patients is describing that we are using an MRI strength magnet. That magnet is placed on the left front portion of the head where they are to target an area of the brain that we know that’s involved with mood regulation. It’s called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.”

Narrator – “NeuroStar TMS takes a different approach. Exploiting the fact that neurons are electrochemical cells, it uses a targeted electromagnet to produce a pattern of pulsed magnetic fields. This electric current is powerful enough to elicit an action potential in neurons causing the release of more neurotransmitters at the synapse. In addition to these local effects, NeuroStar TMS activates deeper brain regions that lie outside the direct action of the pulsed magnetic fields. Energizing these deeper brain regions causes secondary activation of brainstem neurotransmitter centers, which stimulates other brain regions involved in mood regulation.”

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy
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