NeuroStar – Debbie’s Story

Debbie discusses her struggle with depression and medication and shares the story of her experience with the NeuroStar® treatment.

Debbie H., NeuroStar® Patient – “My name is Debbie. I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a writer and I no longer suffer from depression. The best way for me to explain my illness is, I kind of felt like I was in a very dark, deep hole. I suffered from depression for a total of 19 years. And that’s 19 years of seeking help, going to doctors, taking medication, doing anything and everything I could possibly do to get well. I felt like I had given up.”

“I came upon NeuroStar through my current doctor. The day that I met her was a big milestone for me. My doctors truly made me feel like what was happening was nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be afraid of. NeuroStar made me think about my future in a way that I had never been able to think about it before. And all of a sudden I noticed that I was listening to music again. I was writing again, I was singing. I was just a different Debbie.”

“NeuroStar not only gave me my life back, but I feel like it gave me my whole family back. It united us again as a whole new family and opened the door to a whole new future. It’s what truly saved me and my life.”

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy
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