NeuroStar – Support Network

NeuroStar TMS patients discuss the importance of a support network and the support that NeuroStar offers during treatment.

Kristi L., NeuroStar® Patient – “When I was going through treatment, my support group was very, very important. My treater, the doctor, my best friends were very excited for me.”

Terri M., NeuroStar® Patient – “I will say that during the of Neurostar® and especially when you are in the depth of depression, you really do find out who your true friends are. And I’m one of those people that have a lot of great friends and they never left my side.”

Colleen C., NeuroStar® Patient – “I had an incredible support medical staff. And so my support system became my sister and my treatment team.”

Carol B., NeuroStar® Patient – “During the treatment of NeuroStar®, I had a good support system. And it started with my husband, who wants me to be better and happy and healthy and more engaged with him, but the people at NeuroStar® that I worked with, the doctors, the technicians were great. And the support system and the support I received during the therapy was wonderful.”

Debbie H., NeuroStar® Patient – “NeuroStar® became just as important to me as part of my support system, as my doctor, as my immediate family. I know that if I stumble one day in the future that it’s there for me as an option.”

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