NeuroStar Treatment Expectations

NeuroStar® patients and physicians, including Dr. Kimberly Cress of the TMS Serenity Center, discuss what to expect with the NeuroStar® treatment and how their treatment expectations were met and their lives changed.

Debbie H., NeuroStar® Patient – “I feel like the whole process of NeuroStar was really simple and my doctors truly made me feel very comfortable, very warm. Once the NeuroStar treatment was about to begin, my doctors were there with me and explained everything thoroughly and told me what to expect.”

Dr. Marie Surpris, NeuroStar® Physician – “After several weeks the patients start to recognize that this is not a fluke. By week five so many patients have recognized dramatic and consistent change. By week six they’re sad to say goodbye.”

Terri M., NeuroStar® Patient – “I think the thing about the treatment that really appealed to me was she said that it was minimal side effects. I was on six different medications and in nine weeks I was completely off all medication.”

Dr. Kimberly Cress, NeuroStar® Physician – “When individuals are taking medications they travel throughout the body and then they’re more vulnerable to side effects that occur. But with the NeuroStar treatment you don’t have the risk of those systemic side effects. And this whole process will not only facilitate relief from depression, but help facilitate remission long term.”

Carol B., NeuroStar® Patient – “A typical day of treatment, I come in and the technician sets me up in the NeuroStar chair and I relax. The good thing about my doctor is he explained everything to me so I completely understood what he was doing and I just relaxed and let him set up the equipment. The treatment pulsates and you hear a sound and you feel a little bit on the side of your head and like I said, I just relax. Next thing you know, you’re out of the room and you’re off to the rest of your life, doing what you want to do.”

Todd D., NeuroStar® Patient – “After my initial series of treatments with NeuroStar, I felt very comfortable that I had a safety net and that helps me stay incredibly high-functioning. It’s very satisfying to know that something works.”

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy
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