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Taming “The Black Dog of Depression”

The Black Dog of Depression
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental illness affects one in six people in the United States. While there is a stigma attached to mental illness, it is critical to get comfortable talking about it. May is Mental …

How to Choose a TMS Provider: Facility

Now that we’ve covered time and experience, another factor you should consider when choosing a TMS provider is the facility and equipment. Here are a couple more questions and answers.


What is the environment like where you will

How to Choose a TMS Provider: Time

Last week we emphasized the importance of experience when choosing a TMS provider. TMS Serenity Center also believes that it’s important to consider the amount of time you’ll be spending and what kind of information you’ll want to discuss before …

How to Choose a TMS Provider: Experience

TMS Serenity Center believes that you should carefully consider several factors when choosing your TMS provider. This week we wanted to show some examples of questions that you should ask about the provider’s experience when making this choice, as well …

TMS Patient Shows Gratitude

The TMS Serenity Center keeps a gratitude jar in its offices where patients can drop a note. Dr. Cress recently received the following letter in her Gratitude Jar from a TMS patient and was greatly moved by the message.

Gratitude Jar