About Sweetwater Psychiatry

Sweetwater Psychiatry is a psychiatry practice with experienced clinician, Kimberly Cress, M.D.

At Sweetwater Psychiatry, we are dedicated to providing the best care possible for individuals who require diagnosis and treatment of various mood disorders and other brain-based disorders that may cause dysfunction and keep you from living the best quality of life possible.

Sugar Land Psychiatry Services

  • Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Medication Management

Our Clinician

Dr. Kim Cress

Dr. Kimberly Cress brings her extensive experience for difficult to treat mental illnesses. Her goal is to tailor each person’s care to live life without a mental illness. “Treating depression is an art as well as a science. It is important to listen to each person and their history to determine the most effective depression treatment plan. Why should anyone settle for just feeling ‘OK’?”

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To reach Sweetwater Psychiatry or to make an appointment, please call (281) 240-7000.

Please note: We do not accept insurance at Sweetwater Psychiatry and are a fee-for-service office. We will be happy to provide you the necessary documentation to file with your insurance company at the time of your visit. For visit fees and additional information, please contact us.

“The staff at Sweetwater Psychiatry is the most loving staff in the whole world! A big thanks for all their kindness.”